Navigating the Hybrid Infrastructure Management Performance Challenge

Infrastructure is evolving like never before: it’s heterogeneous,
interconnected and distributed. It’s hybrid and software defined and
it runs on-prem and across clouds. The growing importance of software
running across this massive infrastructure mandates the need for
applications and operations to be monitored and managed like never
before to achieve efficiency.

Changing Applications

The applications running on top of this infrastructure are becoming more dispersed and built from more components. As enterprises become digitally-focused, application performance has become critical making application-aware infrastructure performance monitoring more important than ever.

Data, Visualisation and AI

The resulting performance-problem universe is vast. Without infrastructure monitoring, and the necessary integration with IPM, ordinary application performance management (APM) tools have a blind spot when it comes to looking deeper into your infrastructure. This deeper look is important when it comes to identifying component and resource contention issues that lie behind application-level problems. Such tools function best when looking across the application layer, not down into the layers.

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