Piggy Banks for adults and kids

Each coin saved leads to a more peaceful future

Piggy banks are a great way to save up daily for the unexpected, and will help your children learn about the importance of saving.


The piggy bank is a fun way for children to learn how to save their pocket money. When the little mouse puts a coin under their pillow, as a reward for a good note, their first euros will be safely stored.

Because there is no age to start saving, it can be given as a birth gift for a baby.

When their piggy bank is full, they will then be able to enjoy their treasure so patiently saved as they wish. Knowing how long it took them to accumulate this loot, they will spend their savings on something they really care about and not on candy.

Children especially like the piggy banks in the shape of cute animals, as well as their cuddly toys and stuffed animals, teddy bears and dolls. That's why our piggy banks with pigs, unicorns and pandas are sure to please them. An ideal gift to give to little princes and princesses!

Teenagers do not always have access to their bank account or a credit card to manage their money. The piggy bank is a formative step to help children understand the value of money by dissuading them from retrieving coins and notes easily. It will make an ideal birthday gift to save money while decorating their children's room.

Piggy bank, Unicorn... and much more !

Decorative object of our youth, we all received as an original gift our first piggy bank which met our teddy bear or baby cuddly toy in our small children's room. The piggy banks you will find in the shop are rare items that you will not find in the shop. Are you looking to discover an inexpensive piggy bank? To put your children's first coins in it, after a good deed or a fallen tooth, the Piggy Bank is also a good way to teach young and old alike the notions of economy. Saving a jackpot is essential for their awakening and growth and can be a good creative leisure like a puzzle. They will be able to collect a small treasure and buy all the toys and candies they want. For your children, money has no real value and therefore putting them in the slot of a piggy bank, an electronic unicorn piggy bank, an original piggy bank of any xxl or, in ceramic, silver metal, hand-painted wood or glass, will be their little safe that will protect them from brigands and thieves who want to spend it all. You will also find more avant-garde, more design piggy banks for adults who love interior design and classy objects. Our online shop is 100% secure, our platform is French as is our after-sales service which answers you by email or telephone within a very short time.